Our Employees

Veolia offers a wide variety of waste management services to different industrial, commercial and municipal clients in Singapore, thus our employees work in a variety of occupations with specific characteristics and challenges. But each job and each employee serving the specific job role are unique to us and equally valuable to keep our everyday business running.

Waste Collection - Hooklift driver

Veolia uses different collection systems in the solid waste collection. The collection of waste compactors are a one-man show, whereas the driver needs to accurately maneuver the hook to catch the compactor and lift it on the truck.


General and recyclables waste collection is carried out with a fleet of rear end loaders and teams of drivers and attendants. Both, drivers and attendants have to deal with high levels of physical stress in often unfavourable working conditions.

Mechanical Sweeper

The teams of our public cleansing department take great pride in setting up Singaporean`s high cleanliness standards. Our fleet of modern mechanical sweepers help us exceed the standards everyday.

Cleaner 1

With a fleet of Mini Cleaners, we are able to clean pedestrian ways and the areas around in a more efficient manner, irregardless of  challenging terrains or infrastructure.

Cleaner 2

Most of our cleaning activities are purely manual. Especially in areas where mechanical sweepers cannot enter or in areas with a high density of pedestrians, cleansing activities are performed by hand and the waste is transported by tricycle.

Industrial Services

A major part of our industrial services are tank cleaning and chemical cleaning activities for clients from the oil&gas industry. While performing tank cleaning projects, our employees need to handle heavy technical equipment in difficult work environment.

Operations Team and Supervisors

Our operations teams and supervisors ensure the smooth running of the the company's business activities. They coordinate waste collection schedules and cleansing activities, supervise onsite operations and troubleshoot in exceptional situations.