Environmental Patrol & Clean Up!

19 april 2018
26 Veolia participants from 8 different departments were suited up with plastic gloves, trash bags and metal tongs by volunteer group Waterways Watch Society (WWS) to help restore and protect the aesthetics of Singapore’s waterways.

As a well-recognized NGO dealing with environmental issues relating to our waterways and its surroundings, Veolia employees volunteered their time and effort together with WWS to recognize the dangers of water scarcity and pollution in Singapore. Navigating our way through the Marina Reservoir on bicycles, Veolia volunteers patrolled and religiously fished out plastic bags, styrofoam boxes, and aluminium cans at various pit stops that were discarded irresponsibly along the shores. By visually observing and physically engaging in the clean-up exercise, the reality of environmental pollution has instigated a positive change in our attitudes and behaviours.
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  • Environmental Patrol & Clean Up!
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