Together, committed to the Environment 2016

19 april 2018
“Resourcing the World” also means personally committing to protecting the environment. In conjunction with the World Environment Day which takes place on the 5th of June every year, Veolia drives a global initiative to increase awareness on environmental issues.

Embarking on our 3rd edition of “Together, committed to the Environment”, we continue to strive and motivate our employees in the sharing of their daily contributions towards a sustainable environment with the “I Share” and “1 Click, 4 Children” movement with Tara.

For every 1 click, 4 children are educated about oceans and the climate, and Veolia undertakes, proportionally to the mobilization of its employees, to support Tara's education program specifically for children. This 2-month long commitment strives to educate 20,000 children under the Tara and Veolia Foundation program, where 10,000 children will tour the boat during port calls and another 10,000 will attend educational conferences held at their schools.

Pledged in their commitment to the environment, Singapore finalists Mhing Ching, Mee Kim and Lydia have submitted winning photo entries for the “I Share” initiative, and they each walked away with S$200 voucher for their concerted efforts and contributions!
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