Veolia Singapore 1st Annual Futsal Challenge 2016

20 april 2018
Futsal, a direct derivative of football (or soccer), is arguably the most popular and engaging sport anyone can participate in. With this bonding opportunity in mind, Veolia Singapore held its highly anticipated 1st Annual Futsal Challenge 2016 at The ARK Futsal Pitch @ YOHA Jurong on Friday, 25th November, 2016!

Comprising members decked in Veolia jerseys and soccer boots from the Solid Waste, Public Cleansing, and the Hazardous Waste departments, eagerness and a hint of competitiveness compounds the atmosphere and the exhilarating tournament begins on the playing turfs! Energized with the thrilling plays and the sumptuous treats prepared by colleagues, families and friends, rowdy cheering motivated the participating teams towards the Grand Final, filling up the enclosed courts with spirited shouts throughout the entire evening!

Emerging as the champions of Veolia’s 1st Annual Futsal Challenge 2016, the Solid Waste Team claimed their proud medals with honour and glory during the prize presentation ceremony. Although looking a little dishevelled and drenched in sweat, everyone mingled and celebrated each other’s efforts in making this inaugural session such a great success!
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