General Information

Veolia offers a wide range of optimized waste management solutions in Singapore.
As a licenced Public Waste Collector (PWC) appointed by the National Environmental Agency (NEA), we are providing general waste and recyclables waste collection as well as garden waste and bulky waste collection.

We are the official public waste collector for the sector Clementi - Bukit Merah, collecting different types of waste from public housing estates, landed properties, private apartments and condominiums, schools, shop houses and trade premises.

General Waste

As a licenced public waste collector, Veolia collects general, non-recyclable waste in our sector on a daily basis. Each premise within the sector has been provided with a green waste bin for disposing of refuse waste. The waste collection time is daily between 7am until 7pm.


Recycling Waste

Veolia supports the National Recycling Programme (NRP). As a leading waste management organization, we provide a comprehensive recycling infrastructure, including the provision of recycling bins and recycling collection, making it easy and convenient for every resident to recycle.

In each HDB block in the Clementi-Bukit Merah sector, Centralised Recycling Depositories have been installed by Veolia, providing at least one blue recycle bin. In the Clementi - Bukit Merah sector, we collect the recyclables three times a week.
Within the sector, each landed property has been provided with recycling bins as part of the National Recycling Programme. We are collecting the recycling bins for these premises once a week. The exact collection schedules can be found here.
The recycling collection time is daily between 7am until 7pm.


Refuse Fee


Uniform Fee (1.57 MB)

The Uniform Fee (UF) structure was introduced in 2012. Households across all sectors in Singapore   have been moving onto a common (uniform) fee for waste  collection services, according to the type of domestic premises. The UF rate is $8.25 per month per HDB flat and $27.47 per month per landed property (both fees inclusive of GST).


Bulky Waste Collection

Bulky items such as furniture (tables, chairs, cupboards, mattresses, etc.) or electrical appliances (like micro-wave ovens, gas cookers, refrigerators, washing machines) cannot be collected within the general waste collection scheme. Veolia provides collection and disposal service from your doorstep for bulky waste with a minimal fee applying. To collect bulky items, please contact the following institutions:

  • HDB residents: Please contact your Town Council for the removal service.
  • Residents of landed properties: Please contact Veolia´s Customer service via (65) 6865 3140
  • Residents of private apartments or condominiums: Please contact your managing agent
  • Trade premises: Please contact Veolia´s Customer service via (65) 6865 3140.


Garden Waste Collection

Garden waste like cut grass, branches and leafs, is collected separately from general and recycling waste by a dedicated garden waste collection vehicle. The garden waste will be sent to a specific garden waste treatment plant. Veolia collects garden waste for landed properties in the Clementi-Bukit Merah sector on a weekly schedule.
Please bundle up your garden waste in bags. Large branches which do not fit into the plastic bag need should be tied up into small bundles. Place bags and/or bundles next to your refuse bin in front of your house the day before collection day or in the morning of the collection day.