Veolia in the heart of Buenos Aires

Veolia has worked with Buenos Aires for sixteen years. It has provided comprehensive urban cleaning services to the most emblematic districts of the Argentinean capital since October 2014.


A capital need

Managing public services in a capital city is an ongoing challenge that requires know-how and expertise.
In Buenos Aires, Veolia is providing sanitation services in Montserrat, San Nicolas, San Telmo, Constitución and Retiro – historic neighborhoods in the southeast of the city – along with the booming Puerto Madero district.
These various locations have different priorities and pose different challenges due to the 1.5 million people who transit through them every day.

San Nicolas and Montserrat represent the very heart of the Argentine capital. They include the financial district and the presidential palace, known as the Casa Rosada. Sanitation services in those districts are critically important in order to display the capital at its finest.

Retiro and Constitucion are heavily trafficked areas that are home to the city’s three train stations. There, Veolia’s services must not impede the flow of traffic and need to accommodate important security concerns.
Lastly, San Telmo, one of the city’s oldest and best preserved neighborhoods, attracts many visitors, especially tourists. Urban cleanliness is a key contributor to quality of life and regional appeal.

Ramon Rebuelta
Director, Latin America, Veolia

“In view of its sizable population and the presence of more than 12,000 retailers and service providers, the area we oversee in Buenos Aires is the most complex to manage. The Buenos Aires authorities’ renewal of our contract is evidence of the quality of our service.”


Key figures

  • 6 districts
  • ​206,000 residents served
  • ​Floating population of 1.5 million people
  • ​Contract term: 10 years ​

Customer benefits

  • Preservation of the urban living environment
  • Enhanced service performance and cleanliness


  • Logistics: waste collection and complete containerization
  • Urban cleaning services
  • Human capital and management: personnel management and continuing education

Veolia partners with Buenos Aires for sixteen years.

Urban cleanliness is a key contributor to quality of life