Tank Cleaning, Industrial Services

Industrial Services

Industrial companies are facing more and more pressure on resources, forcing them to seek sustainable solutions to ensure their long-term growth. As a partner in our client's growth, Veolia transforms this challenge into an opportunity through its innovative and customer-specific solutions.

With proprietary technologies as well as extensive operational and process know-how, Veolia is able to develop customized industrial waste and cleaning services for local and regional industrial clients.  In a partnership with our client, we design and deploy solutions which minimize costs and operational downtime while adding value to our clients' industrial processes.

Our scope of services for industries:


Tank Cleaning

Even under optimum circumstances, tank cleaning can be a risky undertaking with safety and environmental hazards.
Through our specialized expertise, advanced technology and industry experience we are able to reduce inherent risks of tank cleaning projects to a minimum, managing critical through detailed planning, engineering, advanced technology, ongoing safety & process controls, trainings and experience.
Our team is capable of cleaning virtually any above ground storage tank or vessel of products, ranging from tar to gasoline and chemicals. We are able to deal with various residual stream profiles and perform tank cleaning projects with conventional methods or advanced robotic non-man entry technology.
In a partnership approach with our client, we are able to develop a complete tank cleaning solution which minimizes downtime, saves costs during shutdowns, increases product recovery and improves health and safety performance.
Our tank cleaning capabilities include:

  • Sludge profiling
  • ​Degassing
  • Total process containment, tank ventilation, vapour recovery and scrubbing
  • Tank cleaning with a wide range of tools based on tank conditions and material
  • Sludge suction (SupaSucker, industrial vacuuming) and high pressure jetting
  • Separations, dewatering, particle sizing of sludges
  • Degreasing
  • Opportunity to feed tank sludge into a useful fuel stock or preparation for an on-site coker feed or recycling
  • Disposal or recovery solutions
  • Fully automated, Man-less entry tank cleaning equipment (The Gator™,  a proprietary, robotic tank cleaning cannon, removing sludge from the center of a tank quickly, efficiently and with less risk of worker injury)
Oily Residuals Management

Downstream refining operations produce significant quantities of oil-bearing residuals. Veolia Singapore provides optimal solutions for the management of these materials by focusing on the inherent value of oil recovery and waste mitigation.
With options ranging from thermal desorption, to leveraging the coker to recover all material with minimal or zero waste leaving the refinery, our proprietary technologies and processing solutions are backed by extensive operational and process know-how. We are able to develop customized solutions that:

  • Are tailored to address the specific challenges of the plant’s residual stream profile
  • Optimize recovery and return of oil to the right place in the refinery
  • Minimize the impact of primary separation wastewater volume on the downstream biological treatment plant
  • Eliminate the need to dispose of solids
  • Help de-bottleneck refinery unit operations and maximize production

We are approaching residual management holistically, with sensitivity to overall life-cycle costs. The solutions we design are targeting to maximize value recovery, while improving your operations’ reliability and performance.
Core of our oily residuals processing solution is an onsite oily skudge treatment with 3-phase centrifuge for optimal separation of oil, water and solids, creating a quality solids cake with high oil recovery rates. The system allows to treat oily as well as non-oily sludge at high capacities, ready to process oily residuals on an optimal schedule for our clients’ operations.
Further treatment options for the solids cake include:

  • Coker injection(quench and feed side options)
  • Reuse as waste-derived fuel
  • Thermal desorption to achieve waste delisting
Chemical Cleaning

Veolia is able to provide technically advanced chemical cleaning services in a safe, efficient, and professional manner.
With the right chemical materials and proprietary blends coupled with the most effective cleaning methods, our team develops the optimum solution for a broad spectrum of industrial needs, environments and applications.
By running laboratory-based trials we will analyze equipments, processes and deposits to design a fitting cleaning process with the right chemicals deployed to successfully and safely clean heavy contaminants.
Our scope of reactive and non-reactive chemical cleaning includes:

  • Qualitative and quantitative scale and deposit analysis
  • Corrosion testing and evaluation
  • Cleaning procedure development
  • Waste profiling, waste management and recycling
  • On-site project management
  • Pre- and post-operational chemical cleaning
  • Cleaning and maintenance of heat exchangers, boilers, tanks, vessels, reactors and auxiliary equipment
  • Degreasing, pickling and passivation of carbon and stainless steel equipments
  • Decontamination of process equipment
  • Hydroblasting/Hydrojetting
  • Plant shutdown and turnaround services
Industrial Vacuuming

Collecting and disposing of waste of differing forms, such as liquids, sludges and wet or dry solids can be a major obstacle. Veolia is equipped with a fleet of wet and dry vacuum trucks. capable of uplifting and handling solids, liquids, sludges, dry powders and filter media. We can remove a wide variety of materials with differing viscosities and densities from tanks, vessels, water treatment ponds, basins, sewers and drains.
Veolia utilizes efficient wet-dry collection techniques and experienced, fully trained teams to ensure environmental compliance, enhance safety performance and deliver cost-effective services. Our spectrum of Industrial vacuuming includes:

  • Solving a variety of wet and dry applications
  • Collecting liquid materials effectively and safely
  • Performing various types of sewer cleaning
  • Safely collecting materials with low flash point temperatures
  • Effectively handling corrosive material
  • Manage gases safely with a vapor recovery and monitoring system
Hydroblasting & Hydrojetting

Veolia has a large and diverse fleet of hydroblasting and hydrojetting  equipment designed to safely and efficiently remove fouling and deposits from all types of equipment. These may include exchangers, towers and vessels, lines and sewers, and other contaminated surfaces.
With high pressure cleaning power we routinely achieve pressure cleaning results that surpass our customers’ expectations. In many cases, automated tooling is combined with the hydroblasting unit to enhance pressure cleaning efficiency and productivity, even in hard-to-reach or hazardous areas.

​Site Remediation & Sludge Stabilization

Veolia provides remediation services for polluted soil including sludge stabilization, sludge lagoon cleaning and decontamination which may result from industrial accidents or after a site has been vacated due to heavily polluting industrial activity.
Our solutions are tailored to the needs of customers, whether soil remediation in the operation of an industrial facility is a temporary necessity, or part of a large-scale restoration project for municipal governments. Furthermore, we provide cleaning, dismantling, transferring and treating services for contaminated building equipment.

​Facility Management & Plant Maintenance

Within our scope of facility management Veolia offers cleaning and maintenance services for sewers, septic tanks, water tanks and grease interceptors.
From routine inspection and maintenance to emergency clearance, our experienced teams use specialist jetting equipment and vacuum tankers to provide a complete cleaning and maintenance service.
Our comprehensive housekeeping services include cleaning of indoor and outdoor, repair and maintenance services of not only industrial equipment, but also of fixed assets. For special needs, Veolia rents out portable toilets for short- and long-term periods and provides the cleaning and replacement service.



Compliance with environmental, health and safety standards

Our industrial service solutions are designed to deliver value-added services that protect people and improve the environment.

At Veolia, the health and safety of our employees as well our clients’ staff is of foremost consideration in every project. Through an employee-driven safety culture we are aiming towards zero work-place injuries, prevent illness and property loss. Supported by our in-house QSHE team, we ensure that all those on site and the surrounding environment are kept safe throughout the project.

Prior to beginning any cleaning project, our engineers and operational personnel develop a site- and scope-specific Operation and Safety Plan, comprising health & safety standards, process flows, operations and equipment plan as well as start-up and shutdown-checklists.
Furthermore, our industrial services personnel are highly trained and knowledgeable with the latest safety requirements, OHSAS standards, plant operational procedures, hazardous materials handling methods and cleaning techniques.
Backed by our operational expertise and industry-leading safety performance we maintain a proven record of compliance with health, safety, and environmental regulations. Being ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified, we exceed the regulatory requirements and are able to meet our clients’ standards in terms of environmental performance and safety regulations.