Water Management

Veolia offers a unique range of expertise in the sustainable management of water resources. We design and deploy tailored water management solutions for industrial, commercial and municipal clients around the world. This expertise is backed by state-of-the-art technology and covers a complete array of solutions to meet the needs of local authorities and industries around the world.

Competitive and innovative water management solutions for industries

Veolia has developed innovative, competitive solutions and top-level expertise in managing industries’ entire water cycle: From abstraction, desalination and production of process water to treatment and recycling of industrial process water, ultra-pure water, wastewater and seawater.

Veolia designs and deploys optimized solutions for stressed water cycles

In partnership with our clients, we are:

  • Designing and building treatment plants
  • Producing drinking water and industrial process water
  • Treating wastewater
  • Recycling treated wastewater and industrial effluent
  • ​Operating, maintaining and optimizing treatment plants

Veolia’s treatment solutions are designed individually to meet our clients environmental demands,
protect the health of local people and boost industrial productivity. They allow industry to achieve a
more seamless fit as part of the local community while protecting the environment and reducing
carbon and water footprints.


Our solutions in the microelectronics industry

Veolia is a world leader when it comes to producing ultra-pure water for the microelectronics industry.
With our water management expertise and a global network of technical experts, Veolia is able to meet the demands of its customers around the world from technical support, wastewater treatment and recycling services to the management of the entire water cycle.
As part of Veolia Group, Showa Kankyo Systems Singapore has been providing comprehensive industrial water and wastewater services to Showa Denko HD Singapore since August 2006.  Our industrial services are integral to the client’s hard disk media manufacturing process, which demands both high quality of ultrapure water and a discharge quality of wastewater that exceeds regulatory standards.

Our client is able to tap on our expertise 24/7, knowing that their specially designed treatment systems are competently managed by a team of highly skilled professionals.

Drawing on the principles of circular economy, our client has benefitted from our approach of reducing raw water usage by continuously recycling used water and refining treatment processes for optimal energy efficiency.  The water management solution implemented onsite not only translated into cost savings for the client, but also reduced the water and carbon footprints of the plant for the benefit of the environment.