Public Cleansing

Veolia is one of the largest environmental management companies in Singapore, providing comprehensive public cleansing and festive event cleansing services.
As a NEA - licenced and Clean Mark (Gold) - accredited urban cleansing service provider, we have been reappointed by the National Environmental Agency (NEA) to serve the Central North and Central South Region of Singapore. This makes Veolia the market leader with a total of 1/3 of the market share.



Exceptional performance and service quality 

Veolia manages day-to-day public cleaning services, covering sweeping of public roads and pedestrian thoroughfares, pavements, footpaths, underpasses and overhead bridges as well as drain cleansing, canal flotsam removal and estate management for public car parks, vacant land, parks and electrical sub-stations within the appointed regions. With our expertise and integrated service approach, we are able to meet the highly demanding standards for a clean urban environment and therewith, enhance Singapore in being a cleaner and greener city state. High standards in safety, quality and customer service, extensive training of our workforce and progressive remuneration standards for our employees are the fundamentals of our integrated service approach, thus, enabling us to provide reliable, timely and enhanced cleansing services.
Our high-tech and sophisticated fleet of different sweepers, managed by skilled and competent operators are the basis towards modernized and productive cleaning service, irregardless of  challenging terrains or infrastructure. 


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Servicing major international and local events

Veolia’s distinct services have been recognized by major international and local event hosts, who are continuing to engage Veolia’s services for over half a decade now. We provide cleansing, sanitation and waste management services for major events like the Formula One Grand Prix, the Youth Olympics and South East Asia Games, the Standard Chartered Marathon, the National Day Parade and the Chinese New Year celebration at Chinatown.






Our business in greater detail

Scope of Business

Our scope of public cleansing services ranges from street and pavement cleansing, park cleansing, drain cleansing to festive event cleansing, including:

  • Mechanical sweeping of roads, carriageways and backlanes as well as mechanical or manual sweeping of pedestrian thoroughfare including pavements, walkways, footbridges, overhead bridges and underpasses
  • Cleaning of recreational beaches, electrical substations, car parks, parks and vacant state lands, 
  • Removal of debris and leaf litter
  • Removal of bulky waste
  • Litter picking
  • Clearing of bins
  • Removal of floatsam in drains
  • ​De-silting of drains and canals

Veolia is well equipped with various types of cleansing vehicles and equipment to cater for different terrain within public spaces, from asphalt road to grass verge, from pedestrian walkway to overhead bridges and bus stops.

  • Different types of mechanical sweepers are used to clean streets and kerbs of main roads
  • Mini mechanical sweepers and ATLV (All Terrain Light Vehicle) for cleaning of pavement and grass verges​
  • LitterVAC & MUT 
  • Lorries with TMA and Hooklift trucks
  • Jetting Truck and Vacuum tanker for drain cleaning activities

Specific cleansing areas with high human traffic are difficult to access with mechanical equipment. To ensure cleanliness without causing inconvenience for pedestrians we deploy a tricycle equipped workforce to provide frequent manual sweeping and litter picking as well as emptying the litter bins.
Overhead bridges, bus stops and parks are recurrently cleaned by a workforce equipped with specific motorcycles for convenient travelling between the cleaning areas and ensure easy carrying of the cleansing equipment.

Quality Control

Veolia has been the first company within the public cleansing sector to develop a Quality Management System and obtain ISO9001 accreditation. Essence of our Quality Management system are Quality Control and Customer Service.
As part of our efforts to pre-empt any potential complain from the public, Veolia’s Quality Control Team inspects designated areas before and after the cleansing work has been completed. For areas which are common for littering, our Quality Control Inspectors will initiate case studies to solve the issue to its root. Such case studies allow our local regulators to facilitate
any potential for legal enforcement.
Another key part of our quality management system is our in-house Customer Service Centre. The Customer Service team gathers and reports residents’ and public enquiries and create requests to respective managers or operations teams for timely actions and solutions.


Our cleaners and operators are an important part of our asset. Besides extensive training to equip them with necessary competencies and skills, their health and safety is a major concern and an ongoing goal in conducting our business.
Every employee working on the ground receives the relevant trainings on main operational procedures, cleaning techniques, material handling and safety requirements by our in-house WSQ-certified trainers. Each of our workers is equipped with sets of personal protective gear including self-reflecting safety harness and vests for enhance road visibility and safety.
In order to improve road safety for our employees while on duty cleansing the major roads, Veolia implemented a “convoy system”, where a pair of vehicle with mounted TMA (Truck Mounted Attenuators) is on duty. This TMA system ensures that employees performing road cleansing activites are protected against passing vehicles.

Accreditations & Licenses
  • Cleaning Business Licence
  •  Green Mark Accreditation 
    Veolia has been the first and only public cleansing service provider to be accredited with Clean Mark Award (GOLD) by Singapore’s NEA in 2013, followed by a renewed Clean Mark (Gold) Accreditation in 2015. The award acknowledges Veolia’s high level of professionalism in providing  cleaning services,  high standards in safety, quality and customer service as well as competitive remuneration of our employees. Veolia constantly strives to improve productivity through adopting new equipment , redesigned and improved work processes, the ongoing training and up-skilling of workers, the implementation of fair employment practices and a progressive wage scheme.
  • Best Cleaners Award
    Veolia has been recognized by the NEA through the accolade of “Best Cleaner’s Award” in 2013 and 2014 under Singapore’s “Clean & Green” campaign.
  • ISO9001 
    Veolia has been the first company within the public cleansing sector to develop a Quality Management System and thereafter, the first company to be certified ISO9000 in public cleansing.
  • ISO14001 certified
  • OHSAS18001 certified
  • BizSAFE program partner
  • Participating company in the CultureSAFE program