Cash-For-Trash Programme

Veolia first launched the Cash-For-Trash Programme in May 2014 in our eastern Public Waste Collection sector – Pasir Ris-Tampines. Recycling stations were set up at various locations within the HDB estate in the sector. This programme not only gives added convenience, but also acts as an incentive for the residents to bring their recyclable items to the nearest recycling station in exchange for cash.

With the strong support and positive response from both town councils and residents, Veolia have now launched the same programme in our other Public Waste Collection sectors – Clementi and Tanglin-Bukit Merah.

Currently, we have a total of 28 Cash-For-Trash recycling stations in our two sectors: Clementi and Tanglin-Bukit Merah. Continual efforts are being made to set up more recycling stations in each sector.

How the Cash-For-Trash Programme works

Residents can visit any of our 26 Cash-For-Trash recycling stations to exchange their recyclable items.


Cash incentives for the types of recyclables are as follows:

  • ​Aluminium drink cans: S$0.50/KG
  • Metal tins: S$0.10/KG
  • Papers (including newspapers, books, magazines): S$0.10/KG
  • Old corrugated cardboard: S$0.05/KG
  • Old clothing / old bedsheets (in good condition): S$0.20/KG
  • Small electrical appliances: on-the-spot valuation

 The recyclables must be clean and not contaminated with any food waste or liquid. All containers must be empty and free of any residue.


Cash for Trash in Veolia PWC Sectors (2020) (83 KB)