Cleaning Schedules - Public Cleansing

Veolia is one of the largest environmental management companies in Singapore, providing comprehensive public cleansing and festive event cleansing services.
As a NEA - licenced and Clean Mark (Gold) - accredited urban cleansing service provider, we have been reappointed by the National Environmental Agency (NEA) to serve the Central North and Central South Region of Singapore. This makes Veolia the market leader with a total of 1/3 of the market share.


Exceptional performance and service quality 

Our scope of public cleansing services ranges from street and pavement cleansing, park cleansing, drain cleansing to festive event cleansing, including:

  • Mechanical sweeping of roads, carriageways and backlanes as well as mechanical or manual sweeping of pedestrian thoroughfare including pavements, walkways, footbridges, overhead bridges and underpasses
  • Cleaning of recreational beaches, electrical substations, car parks, parks and vacant state lands, 
  • Removal of debris and leaf litter
  • Removal of bulky waste
  • Litter picking
  • Clearing of bins
  • Removal of floatsam in drains
  • ​De-silting of drains and canals