Collection Schedules - Solid Waste

Veolia is the appointed public waste collector for the sector Clementi – Bukit Merah.  We are collecting the general waste and recyclables waste from public housing estates, landed properties, private apartments and condominiums, schools, shop houses and trade premises in this sector. Furthermore, Veolia collects the garden waste from landed properties and bulky waste on individual appointments.

Please find below the exact schedules for this sector.

Clementi – Bukit Merah

The general waste (green bin) for every housing estate in the Clementi-Bukit Merah sector is collected daily between 7am and 7pm.
The recycling waste (blue bin) is collected three times a week for the HDB housing estates, the recycling waste and garden waste of landed properties is collected once a week on designated days. Please find the exact collection days in the schedules below.