In the community

Veolia is committed to make a significant contribution to the area where it is rooted. We aim to maximize the social value we create both directly, as a major employer and taxpayer, and indirectly, through our commitment to support the communities. Together with national organisations, we are striving to contribute to the local development in terms of environmental, social and societal aspects, playing a significant role in increasing environmental awareness and green actions among communities, supporting events and contributing to a more cohesive society.


Raising awareness on environmental protection

As a dedicated employer, we are constantly creating awareness on major environmental issues. Veolia Singapore promotes environmentally friendly behaviour and recycling activities in schools, communities and among individuals through various projects.  Beginning with our own office staff, we anticipate recycling behaviour by installing recycling collection points in each office including a poster series on how to reduce, reuse and recycle water, energy and waste.
Veolia also opens the doors of its Material Recovery Facility (MRF) regularly to public visitors and school classes to introduce recyclables sorting activities and to raise awareness on the importance of a proper recycling behaviour.

Furthermore, we get involved in the nationwide cleaning event Operation WE Clean Up!, organized by the Public Hygiene Council (PHC). Supporting this large-scale litter-picking campaign, employees of Veolia, their friends and relatives lend a hand and clean up critical spots across Singapore. This project not only helps cleaning up, but shows the toughness of cleaner’s jobs, teaches individuals and communities what they can do to keep Singapore a clean place and how people’s attitudes towards littering can be changed.

Reaching out to schools

Veolia gets involved in The Clean Singapore Learning Trail, an activity-based program for primary school students, initiated by the National Environment Agency (NEA). Our supervisory staff introduces cleaning activities and demonstrates operating of equipment and cleaning vehicles to the students. A big role in the lesson plays the education of the students on actions they can take to preserve the environment, why recycling is important und how to recycle in the right manner.

Helping the marginalized

Veolia’s workforce is diverse and often relies on foreign workers from neighbouring countries. These employees often lack basic English skills. Veolia offers employees who don’t speak English as a first language English lessons so that they can improve their communication skills, being able to communicate with colleagues and the public.
With different models Veolia tries to support the marginalized of a community - financially and extra-financially. Veolia Water donates up to S$ 1,000 to charity organizations picked by the employees every year.
Our company collaborates with two major government organisations, the Yellow Ribbon Project and the Teen Challenge Project, to support ex-offenders and rehabilitated addicts in their social and societal reintegration. We offer open positions and employ suitable candidates from the programs, by this helping them on their way back into society.