Culture of Health & Safety

To protect ourselves and our colleagues, we commit and practice an Always Safe working environment by implementing reasonable and practical measures to prevent or mitigate risks.

Goal Zero

At Veolia, our goal is for Zero accidents, as we believe no one should get hurt while at work. We also commit to maintaining high-quality standards for all our services and activities to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.


Establishing a Preventive Health and Safety Culture

Working towards the aim of “zero accidents” and ensure a safe work environment for all our employees, prevention is key.  Thus, our Health and Safety principles are based on the five OHS pillars to prevent accidents and injuries:

  • Involving every member of the line management
  • Train all employees and encourage them to be proactive
  • Improving communication and dialogue
  • Improve risk management
  • Monitor health and safety performance

We envision that these 5 pillars of OHS will take us to our destination of Zero Accidents through achieving an interdependent workforce culture.


Together WE Foster an ALWAYS SAFE Culture

We actively involve and commit ourselves to constantly exceed personal and organizational safety expectations through our strong culture of interdependence in our Health and Safety implementations such as the Always Safe rules and 5 OHS Pillars.

Going above local and international Quality, Environment, Health and Safety standards, we periodically review and implement our objectives, targets and performances to deliver industry best practices to achieve 100% compliance with our clients' QEHS standards, rules and regulations.

This is how WE foster an ALWAYS SAFE Culture.


Our Health & Safety Initiatives

Our QEHS Policy

Veolia Annual International Health & Safety Week

The purpose of the Health and Safety Week is to reinforce every employee’s safety in the work place and to guarantee a safe and healthy environment conducive to health prevention. Veolia’s "Always Safe" program sets out basic health and safety rules for all employees, regardless of their level. The rules are based on setting a good example, situation analysis, training at all levels, sharing and embracing of good safety practices and respecting discipline. It is essential that everyone is involved in order to improve both Veolia’s prevention culture and its performance, and to achieve the goal of "zero accidents”.

View our latest International Health and Safety Week 2020.

International Creative Contest

In conjunction with the International Health & Safety Week, we believe that safety is not only involved our employees but their family.  Veolia has launched a creative competition for employee's children in all countries aged between 3 and 17 years old. The aim is to rely on family ties to boost the impact of the health and safety awareness-raising initiative.    The slogan “My investment for a better tomorrow!”  challenges the employee's children to illustrate the behaviours their parents should adopt and what they need TO DO and NOT TO DO to ensure they return home safe and sound.  Using all their creativity, thousands of children participated in three age categories.


'I See I Act' Program

Veolia Singapore launched one of Veolia’s internal best practice initiative “I See I Act”, a hazards recognition program, on the 15th of October 2015. It is a proactive tool to report unsafe conditions, acts or potential hazards to enable our EHS team to take preventive measures and reduce unsafe work conditions.  
All employees received a training on hazard recognition and have been provided with a practical hazard spotting kit to immediately report unsafe conditions to the right person.
A special Incident Investigation Training has been conducted for supervisors and managers to equip them with the knowledge to carry out thorough investigation of incidents including root cause analysis and corrective action identification. 

High Risk Management Standards

10 high-risk management standards have been developed on the basis of internal and external best practice and shared expertise from across the Veolia Group.  These standards contain minimum requirements and are representative of experience from Veolia’s operations.  Veolia employees are trained to adhere to these standards, ensuring a safe working environment.

Safety Moment

To inculcate an Always Safe culture,  a brief verbal sharing or discussion on any environmental, health or safety topic are encouraged at the start of every meeting.  By consciously and constantly talking about EHS matters in our regular meetings, we raise everyone’s EHS awareness and build a culture where EHS consideration is integrated into every aspect of our work.