In the environment

Cities and industries are facing multiple challenges in the modern world. In an increasingly populated and urbanized world, cities are looking for new, more intelligent and innovative water, energy and waste management services. Industries are seeking sustainable solutions to relief pressure on increasingly scarce raw materials and to ensure their long-term growth.

To make the switch from a resource consumption rationale to a use-and-recover approach in today’s circular economy, Veolia designs and implements...

New relationship models and circular solutions

Veolia is a partner to cites, for which we are reinventing
our approach to traditional markets, developing circular
models and enhance their attractiveness and the living
quality of its residents.
As a partner to industries, we provide customized solutions
creating not only economic value, but also looking at
environmental, social and societal aspects.
We are the leading organization in environmental solutions,
committed to fighting climate change, reducing environmental
impacts of our activities and the activities of our clients. In new
relationship models with our clients, we develop and deploy innovative solutions which are aiming to reduce and optimize the use of resources and realize circular models.

Veolia in Singapore designs and deploys integrated waste and water management solutions for municipal and commercial clients. The solutions developed in partnership with our clients are designed to improve their resource efficiency and increase recycling and recovery rates of waste and water. By this, Veolia helps to gain financial returns as well as to achieve sustainability aims.
To ensure high operational, qualitative and environmental standards, all Veolia business units in Singapore are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHAS 18001 accredited, enabling us to continuously improve our environmental performance and the performance of our clients.

Preserving ecosystems and biodiversity

Preserving the ecosystem and biodiversity in the areas Veolia is operating is key priority. We show our commitment to the environment in the yearly “Operation WE Clean Up! “, initiated by the Public Hygiene Council (PHC).  Veolia employees and their friends and relatives regularly attend this litter picking event to keep Singapore clean, understand the difficulty of cleaning activities and raise awareness of the problem of littering and its negative environmental influences

Combatting climate change

Climate change is essentially the result of a development model based on linear and forever increasing consumption of resources (“take – make – dispose”), in particular fossil energy sources which are generating massive GHG emissions. Veolia actively contributes to combatting climate change and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), fostering the large scale development of a low-carbon and resilient economy by a threefold approach:

  1. Developing new economic models to use resources in a sober, more efficient way according to the principles of the circular economy.
  2. Implementing a carbon pricing scheme where the “polluter pays” and “whoever cleans up receives help” with a robust and predictable carbon price of around 30 to 40 euros per metric tons of CO2. In September 2014, Veolia substantiated this commitment by signing two statements on carbon pricing, one from the World Bank and one from the Carbon Price Communiqué.
  3. Combatting short lived climate pollutants, which have a strong heating power and negative influence on global warming, especially methane.

Veolia aims to achieve 100 million metric tons of CO2equivalent of reduced emissions and achieve 50 million metric tons of COequivalent of avoided emissions for the period spanning from 2015 to 2020; and capture over 60% of methane from the landfills we operate

Veolia and the COP21

To avoid major climate catastrophes we need to contain global warming within +2 °C, which means greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) must decrease by 70% by the year 2050. To stabilize the increase in global temperature within 2 °C, everyone must take action: Governments, political leaders, businesses and individuals. That’s the reason why Veolia is involved since many years now in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, its own and its clients’ ones.
Furthermore, Veolia will play an active part in the COP21, the United Nation’s Conference on climate change held in Paris at the end of 2015. The major objective of this conference is to get all attending UN nations to sign a legally binding and universal agreement on the climate, with the aim of keeping global warming below 2°C.


The climate challenge is everyone’s challenge; it is also ours. That is the reason why Veolia is involved since many years now in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
COP21: Veolia campaigns for a low-carbon economy
Veolia is a founding partner of Solutions COP21 and the Climate Solutions Hub