Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety (QEHS) Policy

Veolia Singapore is a leading waste management organiza¬tion, providing fully integrated environmental solutions to our industrial, commercial, municipal and residential sectors.

With Sustainable Development as focus, Veolia Singapore is also a strong advocate in resource conservation and recycling activities.  We strive to achieve the highest environmental standards in our activities and that of our customers for the protection of the environment.

Resourcing the world is our corporate mission. Veolia Singapore will continually strive to improve in our commitments, in the following areas:
  • Maintain high quality standards for all our services and activities to meet or exceed our customers' expectations and requirements.
  • Ensure all recovered products have minimal product contamination and the products' qualities comply with
             the international standard requirement.
  • Prevent and mitigate our environmental impact by reviewing our activities, products and services with due diligence.
  • Comply with all the relevant and applicable QEHS legal and other requirements to sustain our business development.
  • Actively engage all stakeholders and equip our managers and employees to continuously improve our QEHS system collectively.
  • Strive for a safe and healthy work environment by implementing reasonable and practical measures to prevent or mitigate the risks. 
  • Implement, maintain and communicate this policy, the objectives, targets and performance to all our stakeholders.
  • Periodically review and implement our objectives, targets and its perfor¬mances with adequate resources.
We commit to Always working Safe to protect ourselves and our colleagues.

TAN Chieh Inn
Country CEO / Director
Veolia Singapore
1st May 2017