French Chamber Beach Clean-up CSR Day 2017

Revealing Beauty at the Coastline at French Chamber’s Clean the Beach CSR Day 2017 at Tanah Merah Beach!

Typical mornings tend to be filled with weird muffled silence and dull quality lighting. Well, the misty Friday morning broke into a beautiful sunshine (with loads of chatter) as over 400 people from 40 companies came together to participate in the French Chamber’s Clean the Beach CSR Day 2017 at Tanah Merah Beach!

Veolia, together with the business community, came together and flexed our muscles to save marine and coastal wildlife in Singapore from all the filth and rubbish lying around Tanah Merah Beach. Building up environmental awareness locally through partnership and participation as responsible corporate citizens depicts Veolia’s determination in making positive environmental impacts in Singapore!

An astounding 2,600 kg of trash were collected in less than 2 hours of litter picking, with surprising finds such as heels and the not-so-surprising heap of plastic bottles! As enthusiastic as the Veolia team were before the start of the beach clean-up, tan lines and backaches formed the bulk of our conversation as we quenched ourselves under the shade. A huge thanks to the hours spent cleaning up our precious beach with the enthusiastic bunch under the scorching sun, we now wear a healthy glow on our skin, and a satisfied grin across our faces for our brilliant efforts!