Integrated Waste and Recycling Management


Watch our video and learn how Veolia deploys integrated waste and recycling management solutions and helps establishing more circular economy approaches.

Every business generates waste. Depending on the nature of the business, various resources are used to transform them into products, generating unwanted by-products and waste. In a resource-strained world like ours, extracting resources need to be reduced to a minimum while recovering raw materials from by-products and waste streams becomes inevitable.

We believe in a circular economy, where nothing, ultimately, will be wasted, and where “waste” itself can often become a valuable resource. To make the switch from a resource consumption rationale to a use-and-recover approach, Veolia designs and implements solutions aiming at developing effective alternatives to traditional waste disposal practices and implement circular economy models.


With our solutions we are covering the entire “waste lifecycle” from waste production, waste collection, waste handling to recovery and recycling and the final safe disposal.
As a partner to industrial enterprises, large-scale commercial operations, governmental agencies and small businesses, we are able to draw from our extensive expertise, wide portfolio of waste & recycling management solutions and well-developed infrastructure of collection, recycling and treatment facilities. Utilizing the variety of resources within Veolia, we are able to develop the optimal solution for hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams for each business.
Within our scope of integrated waste and recyclables management, we:

  • Develop customized solutions to seamlessly manage complete hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams, providing collection, treatment, recovery, recycling and final disposal
  • Utilize appropriate collection equipment (Rear-End Loaders, Compactors, Open Top Containers, indoor and outdoor bins and recycling stations, etc.)
  • Assess waste production and waste streams as basis for clients’ improvement strategies
  • Develop adapted recovery processes and recover valuable secondary raw materials from waste streams
  • Perform site audits and surveys on waste composition, waste management performance and costs
  • Sort and recycle non-hazardous waste, on- & offsite (Material Recovery Facility)
  • Provide onsite & offsite management (personnel, logistics, etc.)
  • Conduct continuous analysis and realize process improvements
  • Offer extensive data reporting and analysis of waste and recycling rates
  • Enhance employee engagement and environmental awareness through installation of recycling stations, additional counselling sessions and communication materials
  • Optimize operational and financial performance, leveraging savings and improve environmental and social impact



Creating value for our customers

By being a long-term partner, we can open new pathways which create economic, environmental and social value. Our goals are to minimize waste, reduce costs and provide “closed loop” recycling, wherever possible. The solutions we design are closely related to our clients’ aspired financial and non-financial KPI’s. This approach impacts the triple bottom line for our clients:

  • Increase operational efficiency, enable cost savings and improve profitability:
    With a higher recovery rate of secondary raw materials from waste streams, Veolia helps its clients to repatriate those extracted resources back into the production lifecycle and therefore, reduces the amount of raw materials needed in the production and a lower waste disposal.
  • Help to obtain accreditations or maintain their regulatory or social licence to operate:
    Improved waste streams and sustainable waste management solutions are fundamental necessities for some accreditations or licences. We help our clients work upstream and design the solutions needed in close cooperation.
  • Contribute positively to our client’s environmental impact:
    Offer solutions which realize real improvements in waste reduction and recycling and which help our clients achieve their set environmental KPI’s.
  • Aim to create social value:
    As a leading environment management organization we help our clients to drive cultural change towards sustainable resource management, enhance stakeholder and employee engagement and create environmental awareness among them.



Compliance with safety, health, environment and society

All projects enjoy the resources of the global, regional and local Veolia network, including regional and global health & safety standards and HR policies, as well as technology and solution sharing.
Our business is a people business. For Veolia, this means a “people first” approach and no compromises on health and safety. We are committed to creating a desirable working environment which favours the wellbeing and development of all our staff.
We support equitable treatment of all people, whether they are citizens, customers, contractors or staff. We believe in fair business, transparent accounting, responsible purchasing, and in supporting our suppliers commitments to their own CSR. Veolia works with these beliefs.