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At year-end 2014, Veolia Singapore had over 800 employees. These men and women work hand in hand with our industrial and commercial clients, local authorities and the people we serve. Our employees, with their skills and expertise, are the chief asset of a service company such as ours.  Building on this cornerstone of our success, we are first and foremost responsible for their wellbeing and personal development. We are determined to fully take on board our corporate responsibility as an employer of choice for all our employees. To demonstrate this, we prioritize the safety and health of our employees, their constant skill development and career progression as well as to guarantee fairness, respect for diversity and equal opportunities.


Culture & Values




Fostering risk prevention, health and safety

We are well aware that improving our employees’ health and safety at work benefits both company performance and employee well-being.
On July 1, 2013, Veolia signed the Seoul Declaration of the International Labour Office (ILO) in Geneva, recognizing the fundamental human right to a safe and healthy workplace. As part of our commitments, we promote the continuous improvement approach to prevention, health and safety advocated by the declaration and has adopted prevention, health and safety as a major ongoing goal for its businesses. The aim is to strengthen initiatives and involve all employees at every level of the organization as well as outside stakeholders in order to ensure their physical safety and mental well-being. More than just a strategy, prevention, health and safety are an integral part of all the company’s fundamental activities and processes.


Promoting employability of employees

Jobs in Veolia’s lines of business require increasing technical expertise and ongoing skills development. That's why Veolia promotes ongoing skills development and encourages its employees to share experiences, innovate and meet professional challenges. Veolia gives all employees the chance to develop their career through annual performance reviews and training programs, for example in one of our Veolia Campuses around the world.
To develop skills, anticipate changes in our industry and cultivate a stronger corporate culture prompted the company to create the Campus Veolia network in 1994. Responsible for coordinating training policy, the network trains employees and apprentices in the skills required for the areas in which Veolia operates.  Campus Veolia constantly adapts its courses and workshops and coordinates an international training network in 10 countries spanning Europe, Africa, the Asia-Pacific region, the United States and the Middle East.
We also encourage internal mobility of our employees, promoting internal career development though functional and vertical placements.  Furthermore, we are committed to and promote international mobility, which broadens knowledge-sharing and strengthens our presence in emerging markets.


Encouraging diversity, fairness and employee-employer-dialogue

Respecting differences, promoting a diverse workforce and building on equal opportunities are fundamental principles of our corporate culture. We pursue a recruitment policy designed to make it easier for those facing difficulties to find work, like unemployed and unqualified young people, older workers and marginalized and we place a big emphasis on recruiting more women in most of our male-dominated business areas. 
To ensure a fair and inclusive work environment, we signed the TAFEP pledge (Tripartite Alliance For Fair & Progressive Employment Practices) and follow the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices in our recruitment and employment policies. In striving towards a strong social cohesion we continuously forging employee-employer dialog.
Our compensation policy is based on the same principles worldwide: It aims at offering fair remuneration that rewards individual efforts, ensure attractive compensation packages relative to local standards and increase health and insurance coverage.







Recruitment Process