A Crappy Morning @ The Urgent Run 2017!

23 april 2018
Singapore’s metamorphosis from a polluted and poorly sanitized developing nation into a first-world cleaned city is remarkable to say the least. The progress of sanitation, specifically toilets, has greatly improved the quality of life for Singaporeans over the years. It is hard to believe that open defecation was rampant in Singapore 50 years ago, resulting in frequent outbreaks of typhoid fever and other health complications. Flush toilets became a luxury when Singapore advanced the Deep Tunnel Sewerage System and made this progression a reality through a “clean and green” strategy.

A clean (not always, unfortunately) and safe toilet, together with clean water was a necessity in the beginning, and has become a taken-for-granted resource we Singaporeans expect as the bare minimum wherever we go. The astonishing fact is that 2.4 billion people, or ⅓ of our world population, are dying for an access to proper sanitation, and the crisis desperately needs critical attention, assistance and greater awareness.

Taking place in 63 cities and over 42 countries since 2013, the annual Urgent Run 2017 organized by the Singapore-founded World Toilet Organization (WTO) is a great way to raise local awareness for the global sanitation issue, and to raise funds to fight for the basic human right for sanitation! Held at the Casuarina Grove, East Coast Park on the 28 October, 2017, our fellow Veolia friends showed their commitment towards greater sanitation awareness by participating in a 5km fun run on a Saturday morning! Packed with enthusiastic advocates, goodie bags, live performances, and exhibition booths, we stood together in solidarity and put our foot forward to try and end the silence on poor sanitation. To simply put it, Veolia does give our crap in the fight for human health, dignity and equality for all!
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