More ready than ever

Veolia and Suez join forces to build the world champion of ecological transformation Together to turn the tide


We warmly welcome talents from Suez Asia to join us. We look forward to leading the industry with a bigger team, broader expertise and integrated technical resources to innovatively respond to environmental challenges and ultimately achieve ecological transformation!


Together We Turn The Tide




Integrating global resources
in response to climate change 


Veolia and Suez, two leaders in environmental service, join forces to become the global champion of ecological transformation. The Veolia / Suez merger is not only the largest in the industry, but also at the cutting-edge of addressing global environmental opportunities across key segments.

With keen ambition, Veolia leads a substantially larger team to help enterprises and local governments meet the challenges of climate change. Our work accelerates the transition to carbon neutrality and adaptation solutions, moves the needle on recycling and recovery of all waste, reduces water, air and soil pollution, protects ecosystems and supports ecological transformation in agricultural models.

Together, we strive to make our common vision a reality!



Leading business in Asia,
learning from the strengths of others


With this landmark merger, Veolia has a more comprehensive fleet of businesses, projects and expertise in Asia. With Suez on board, we expand our business scope to Macau and Thailand. At the same time, the merger strengthens our businesses in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

The merger combines the strengths and resources of the two companies to provide greater support to Asia's sustainable development and ecological transformation.