Recycling @ Home

Recycling is one of the most important activities that can be undertaken at home to reduce impact on the environment.

Production of packaging (for example making boxes, bottles and cans) requires manufacturing plants to input materials (for example cardboard, plastic, glass and metals) as well as energy (for example power, heat or steam).

Recycling means that used packaging can be returned into the manufacturing process to make new packaging or other materials. This means that the manufacturing plants reduce the amount of inputs they need to source from new sources – less trees cut down for cardboard and paper, less sand mined to make glass, less oil refined to make plastics and less ore processed to make metals. It also means less energy is needed to extract and refine new materials ready for manufacturing.

All of these reductions reduce our impact on the environment as a whole.

Through recycling every one of us can do our part to prevent further deterioration of the environment around us. Recycling is simple, inexpensive and you can contribute at home, right away!