PlastiLoop Indonesia

More than ever, with PlastiLoop, Veolia strives to be the champion of ecological transformation. It is our ambition to change the plastic landscape in Indonesia in active collaboration with all stakeholders.
Laurent Besson
General Manager, PlastiLoop Indonesia



We are the partner for your
ecological transformation of plastics



Veolia worked in partnership with Danone Aqua to build the largest PET bottle-recycling plant in Indonesia, in the city of Pasuruan on the East of Java Island. Using innovative technology, the facility recycles and processes PET plastic bottles, and turns the material into high-quality food-grade pellets. These pellets are used to produce new bottles, creating a closed-loop system. This long-term collaboration is helping Danone to achieve its target for 2025 to increase recycled plastics in their packaging, by ensuring they have a consistent supply of circular polymers and the full support of a pro-active world-class industrial partner.

  • We process approximately 1 billion bottles per year
  • We produce 25,000 tonnes of high quality food grade pellets
  • The facility provides 225 jobs for local people

Through this PlastiLoop, Veolia is taking another step towards becoming the global champion of ecological transformation by supporting local governments and industrial customers in their plastic transformation efforts.


As part of the 40 recycling plants and our extensive presence in Europe and Asia, we are at our clients’ side daily, in a true partnership approach, to facilitate their industrial processes and provide reliable support over the long term.  



Creating a Circular Economy
for Plastics Bottles in Indonesia




Veolia Indonesia Resourcers
Accelerating The Circular Economy For Plastics



Ariska and her colleagues give a second life to all the plastic bottles collected. In this way, they provide our customers with efficient solutions to produce new recycled bottles that are both more carbon-free and more sustainable.  

In the PlastiLoop's network of plastic recycling plants, more than 1,000 people in over 12 countries like Ariska are involved in operations, sales, administration, support and other key functions.  Optimistic, determined and collaborative, we are committed to resourcing the world by sharing a common spirit. "Accelerating the circular economy for plastics will turn the tide!"


We are optimistic to turn the tide!





“Exploring Clean Country” cycling tour

Veolia South East Asia has been selected as one of the stops along the “Exploring Clean Country” cycling tour

Green Transformation

PlastiLoop Indonesia is participating in the Green Transformation with a successful partnership between Surya Indo Plastic - SIP and several international coffee chains

PlastiLoop Indonesia Official Launch

PlastiLoop Indonesia was officially launched at the Veolia PET recycling plant in Pasuruan on 9th Mar 2023.