Together, committed to the Environment 2017

Striving Together for a Better Earth at Bollywood Veggies!

“Resourcing the World” continues to direct and align our commitments in protecting our environment, both on a personal and organizational level. As we continue to strive and contribute our efforts towards greater environmental sustainability, the theme for World Environment Day 2017, ‘Connecting People to Nature’, implores us to reconnect ourselves with nature and appreciate its magnificence and importance.

In conjunction with the global movement for positive environmental action, Veolia Singapore embarked on the 4th edition of “Together, committed to the Environment” by reconnecting the Veolia Family with nature at Bollywood Veggies in the morning of 10 June, 2017, Saturday! Specially organized to enhance discovery and appreciation of our natural environment, this half-day event comprises of a guided farm tour and exciting team-bonding games to connect colleagues and families in 10-acres of rustic environment of the northwest Kranji Countryside.

Beyond the hours of exciting games and tours at Bollywood Veggies, we need to collectively orientate ourselves to become the sustainable solutions to the myriads of problems revolving around climate change. Let us now converge our efforts with the environmental knowledge and channel them into positive consequential actions today!