Veolia Health and Safety Week: Together towards zero accidents

Veolia has organized an International Health and Safety Week for the first time from 21st to 25th of September 2015. Worldwide, each Veolia entity organized initiatives around the theme "Working Safely Together".

The purpose of the Health and Safety Week is to reinforce every employee’s safety in the work place and to guarantee a safe and healthy environment conducive to health prevention. Veolia’s "Always Safe" program sets out basic health and safety rules for all employees, regardless of their level. The rules are based on setting a good example, situation analysis, training at all levels, sharing and embracing of good safety practices and respecting discipline. It is essential that everyone is involved in order to improve both Veolia’s prevention culture and its performance, and to achieve the goal of "zero accidents”.

Veolia Singapore’s Health & Safety Week

Veolia Singapore’s Health and Safety week focused on the nationwide launch and incorporation of the “Always Safe” rules on all levels, through group discussions with both management and employees. In addition, training sessions on First Aid and Housekeeping Safety for employees has been held and a workshop on time management conducted by an external speaker was organized.
On our journey to create a culture of safety, we actively seek ways to internalize the « Always Safe » rules via inclusion in routine activities and ongoing on- and off-the-job safety awareness measures, for example through regular information sharing on occured or spotted hazards and preventive actions taken.

Establishing a Preventive Health and Safety Culture

Working towards the aim of “zero accidents” and ensure a safe work environment for all our employees, prevention is key.  Thus, our Health and Safety principles are based on the five pillars to prevent accidents and injuries:

  • Involving every member of the line management
  • Train all employees and encoure them to be proactive
  • Improving communication and dialogue
  • Improve risk management
  • Monitor health and safety performance

Continuing the International Health & Safety Week, Veolia Singapore launched one of Veolia’s internal best practice initiative “I See I Act”, a hazards recognition program, on the 15th of October 2015. It is a proactive tool to report unsafe conditions, acts or potential hazards to enable our EHS team to take preventive measures and reduce unsafe work conditions.  
All employees received a training on hazard recognition and have been provided with a practical hazard spotting kit to immediately report unsafe conditions to the right person.
A special Incident Investigation Training has been conducted for supervisors and managers to equip them with the knowledge to carry out thorough investigation of incidents including root cause analysis and corrective action identification.