Veolia’s EntomealTM, insect meal & Entolipid, insect oil now reaches Europe


Veolia’s EntomealTM, insect meal & Entolipid, insect oil now reaches Europe


Veolia Bioconversion Malaysia is officially granted with TRACES approval, opening doors for insect meal and oil exports to European markets 


Veolia Bioconversion Malaysia Sdn Bhd received approval from the Ministry of Agriculture in Malaysia to export EntomealTM, insect meal and Entolipid, insect oil into the European markets for use in pet food, aquaculture and livestock.  

EntomealTM, insect meal and Entolipid, insect oil are produced with EU industrial standard and fully compliant with EU regulations to be used in animal feed applications. TRACES ensures the safety and full traceability from feedstock to finished products of our production. We aim to provide our clients with high product quality and consistent supply to meet the rising european market demands.

EntomealTM and Entolipid are produced in the optimal conditions in the region thanks to the local industrial know-how of Veolia Bioconversion Malaysia Sdn Bhd. The insect-based bioconversion consists in the transformation by Black Soldier Fly larvae of agrifood industrial by-products into highly valuable products: insect protein meal, insect oil and organic fertilizer. Everything produced by the bioconversion process can be used in agriculture, green energy production and animal feed.
For 170 years Veolia helps its clients to optimize resource management, turning organic waste into valuable resources with best-in-class biostreatment solutions. Veolia’s ambition is to become the champion of ecological transformation. By placing innovation and decarbonization at the heart of its activities, Veolia is actively participating in the development of bioconversion. The bioconversion process is a sustainable alternative innovation with a low environmental impact to raise the global challenge of feeding 10 billion inhabitants by 2050, using less water, less energy and less land, and producing sustainable proteins for animal feed.

Veolia Bioconversion Malaysia Sdn Bhd operates one of the largest insect industrial facilities in Asia. The facility adheres to the highest industrial standards with ISO 22000, GMP and HACCP certification and meets the most stringent regulation requirements. It has a production capacity of 3,000 tons of insect products per year, and thus allows us to be a robust and stable partner to work with.  

 Fabrice Latchoumanin, General Manager, Veolia Bioconversion Malaysia, comments:There is an increasing requirement for sustainable, and functional ingredients in the pet food and the aqua feed industry. Insect-based feed offers many benefits for these applications such as high digestibility and nutritious feed source. We are thrilled to provide a sustainable alternative source of protein to the European market."