In the workplace

Veolia is first and foremost responsible for the wellbeing and personal development of its employees. We are strongly committed to equal opportunities and fair treatment of our employees, respecting diversity and combatting discrimination, driving professional development of each employee and ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.
Those are the key priorities in our daily business and the key drivers in becoming an employer of the choice.

The 6 pillars of our HR policy



1. Health and Safety at work, for everyone

From 21st to 25th of September, Veolia Singapore organized a Health and Safety Week with various trainings and workshops to create a culture of preventive health and safety for all employees in their work places.

We at Veolia are committed to continuously improving our health and safety performance and managing health and safety risks associated with our activities and services. We integrate health and safety into all aspects of our business operations with the main objective to prevent accidents, injuries, near misses and occupational illnesses.
To continue building and maintaining a preventive safety and health culture, Veolia signed the Seoul Declaration of the International Labour Organization (ILO) in 2013, recognizing a safe and sound work environment is a fundamental human right.
We constantly improve our guidelines to preserve our employee’s safety, physical and mental integrity and those of our sub-contractors, customers and the general public. With our QEHS team working closely with our business operations, we are able to proactively identify situations that represent a potential risk and improve controls to prevent injuries.
In September 2015, we dedicated one full week to the topic around Health and Safety. Veolia Singapore conducted meetings, trainings and workshops around different topics related to health and safety, like hazards recognition, incident investigation trainings, first aid courses and time management workshops.



2. Training

Training is second-to-none, with training delivered by experts from Veolia at our regional Training Centres and Veolia Campuses throughout the
Role-specific H&S trainings will be conducted for new hires as well as existing staff and are a crucial part of enabling our employees to act safely and responsibly in their work environment. On our journey towards zero-incident rate, we actively engage each and every employee on health and safety. A behaviour-based observation program has been implemented, rewarding those who actively report and rectify safety issues.



3. Career Development

Veolia actively engages in identifying talent and suggesting career growth possibilities. We believe all employees should benefit from opportunities that could motivate and enrich them professionally.



4. Mobility

Mobility is an opportunity for employees to change job functions or regions within the Group, enabling them to enrich their skills and broaden their experience. It also fosters the transfer of talent from one project to the next, and ensures skilled and experienced managers run future projects.



5. Diversity

Diversity in our workforce is an integral part of our Group identity. We believe it is a major asset in our ability to be successful. Veolia’s global HR policy promotes gender diversity and career paths as a source of innovation and performance for our customers, employees and for the countries in which we operate.



6. Social Dialogue

We encourage open dialogue with our employees. By enabling them to express their ambitions, ideas and concerns, we can better support their development.