The new PlastiLoop offer brings together all our technical and commercial expertise in recycled plastics to provide our customers with the best possible support with customized solutions. It offers the strength of the Group, through its experts and its various recycling plants, to ensure the best access to recycled plastic deposits. Choosing recycled plastic not only saves resources but also achieves a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions, up to 75% less than virgin plastic. As a global champion of ecological transformation, through this offer, Veolia is creating more outlets for recycled material and promoting the structuring of this sector worldwide."
Estelle Brachlianoff
Chief Executive Officer, Veolia






We are the partner for your
ecological transformation of plastics



We are at a time when the ecological emergency is becoming a major issue.   Many companies have decided to act to limit the used volumes of virgin resin and to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy for plastics.  Circular polymers are now recognised as a valuable solution for the responsible use of plastics, reduced carbon footprint and more resource savings. 

In order to support our industrial clients in their transformation, Veolia is proud to announce the launch of PlastiLoop, our new brand of ready-to-use circular polymers.



Our ambition is to support our customers in their successful ecological transformation of plastics. How do we do?

An Offer Targeting Various Business Sectors

The high-performance circular polymers we produce can be directly integrated into the industrial production chain of many business sectors.

PlastiLoop addresses 7 sectors, providing resins worldwide, tailored to every need.



Our Experts Network

Thanks to the combination of a wide network of experts and years of experience, PlastiLoop is offering a unique and structured range of grades, addressing the needs of our industrial clients for many of their applications, even for the most stringent standards applicable to their markets. Our solution provides a customised approach for each industry.



More than ever, plastic recycling is a crucial to achieve for circular economy. All over the world, our network of experts take up the challenge day after day

We are here to support your 
ecological transformation in plastic.