World Clean Up Day


World Clean Up Day 2023



"Promoting a Culture of Sustainability" 

To commemorate World Cleanup Day 2023, Veolia Services Indonesia organised a team of 95 dedicated junior and vocational high schoolers with the shared aim of "Promoting a Culture of Sustainability" to clean up a nearby Islamic boarding house near PlastiLoop Indonesia facility on 19 September. This activity was a follow-up to our previous donation of 25 waste bin sets to the school and teaching the students how to properly segregate their waste.

The event began with a welcoming address from the Headmaster of the school and Veolia representative, Feri Al Hamid, which was then followed by Ariska Rosalia and Bella Sesha Cita Novidianti providing an informative talk on waste in Indonesia, waste management, and the importance of waste segregation. The students were then split into 12 groups and provided with hand gloves, masks, and recyclable trash bags to collect organic, inorganic, and hazardous waste for 15 minutes. They competed with each other to collect the most and most accurate waste. Afterwards, three groups were chosen to be rewarded with snacks and daily necessities.

Committed to the World Cleanup Day theme of 'Let's Do it World', PlastiLoop Indonesia is dedicated to making this planet a clean and healthy waste-free environment.