DELL: Green Utilities with Energy Efficient Savings

Veolia provides operation and maintenance with green energy solutions for the microelectronics industry.
Veolia provides sustainable energy solutions to support client’s policy to stay green.


Cost Saving

Annual electricity delivery
of 18 GWh

Annual heat delivery
of 12,000 GJ

The Challenge

DELL’s factory in Lodz, Poland, is dedicated to producing computers intended for companies or private individuals. They are looking for companies who are able to operate and maintain their advanced IT equipment manufacturing plant so that they can focus on their core process.  In addition, Dell has a policy to stay green with the challenge for green electricity and heat to be implemented in their plant.


Veolia's Solution

Sustainable Green Utilities with Energy Savings

Veolia provides innovative energy efficiency solutions that deliver green electricity and heat to meet DELL’s stay green policy. It reduces energy consumption and provides savings with the latest technology.


Benefits for our client

  • Energy & cost saving of 1M€
  • Meet client’s stay green policy by delivery green energy 
  • ‘Green Heat’ product is highly ranked by the client as an innovative solutions
  • Expertise by Veolia to solve complicated problems in a swift manner
  • Risk sharing: Utility provision risk and their downtime risks are transferred to Veolia
  • Allow the client to focus on their core business


Our  Solutions in Energy, Water and Waste



Veolia is uniquely positioned to service industry, government and commercial entities in improving performance, managing water, waste and energy.

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Veolia provides ultra-pure water, reclaim water and wastewater management with energy savings