Waste to Energy

By recovering energy from waste streams, we enable the extraction of resources, encouraging a sustainable and circular economy.

How can we help?

Businesses and industries need to juggle between meeting increasing energy demands and achieving sustainability commitments. Therefore, finding ways to recycle and recover resources sustainably is paramount as the amount of waste generated continues to accelerate.

Veolia offers waste to energy solutions, ensuring optimal technical performance, safety and compliance to local regulations. With more than 90 Waste-to-Energy facilities managed by Veolia around the world, we can work with your team to provide quality and reliable technological solutions, turning waste into useful energy.


How do we create value for you?

Veolia’s unparalleled cross-industry expertise in energy and waste management uniquely positions us to develop solutions that unlock the energy potential of organic and, in some cases, inorganic wastes. Our solutions offer the following benefits:

  • Derive maximum value from resources
  • Proven solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Innovative strategies to offset non-renewable energy
  • Electricity and thermal energy applications
  • Progressive circular economy approaches
  • Local job creation and waste reduction


Our solutions for waste to energy

Veolia creates reliable and environmentally sustainable solutions that convert waste streams to energy with biogas and biomass.


Veolia utilises biogas from the anaerobic digestion of organic waste to fuel cogeneration facilities. By converting biosolids, fats, oils and grease into electricity and heat, Veolia can help systems increase resource productivity while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Veolia is able to design, build, operate and maintain biomass facilities where waste streams, such as wood waste and are used as fuel to generate renewable and cost-effective energy.


Veolia is uniquely positioned to service industry, government and commercial entities in improving performance, managing water, waste and energy.
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Veollia has developed the world’s first drying system for Dutch coffee roaster Douwe Egberts Master Blenders (DEMB), turning Spent Coffee Ground into an energy source.

Our Solutions in Energy, Water and Waste