SK Hynix: A Secure Supply of Ultra-pure Water and Reliable Effluent Management

Veolia provides SK Hynix with ultra-pure water of consistent quality – a critical component for manufacturing the company’s high-tech products.
We have guaranteed a reliable supply of ultra-pure water in terms of quality, quantity and continuity – and we are constantly working to improve the services we offer our partner.
Gustavo Migues
Director, Veolia South Korea

18 Years of Constant Supply
of Ultra-pure Water

40% Of Effluent
Reused On-site

Operational Security
And Continuity

The Challenge

Since March 2001, Veolia has been supplying South Korea’s top producer of semiconductors, SK Hynix, with a full range of process water as well as effluent management services at three sites in Incheon, Cheongju and Gumi respectively. The contract runs until 2018.

The manufacture of chips and semiconductors requires ultra-pure water that must meet especially stringent quality standards. The water is used to clean the wafers, which are extremely vulnerable to contamination from impurities. Veolia operates and maintains 20 facilities that ensure a constant supply of high-quality, ultra-pure water to each of the three sites.


Veolia's Solution

Reduce Operating Costs

By conducting regular audits and analyses at all of the facilities and implementing the most innovative solutions and technologies over the past decade, Veolia has been able to guarantee a secure supply of ultrapure water to the three SK Hynix production sites while improving their effluent treatment capabilities. Some 40% of the wastewater produced is reused on-site, substantially reducing SK Hynix’s operating costs. This effluent treatment and recycling system, which exceeds the standards set by the South Korean government, also plays a significant role in preserving the environment.


Benefits for our client

  • A steady supply of ultra-pure water
  • Improved effluent management
  • Risk reduction
  • Environmental protection

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