Tianjin Soda: Water recycling for a water-stressed region

Veolia has installed treatment technology capable of recycling 30% of the wastewater at this chemical complex so it can be used as cooling water.
Tianjin Soda China
China is currently the biggest market in the world for the chemical industry, valued at more than $1.2 trillion annually. Veolia’s presence and credibility in the industry are vital.
Régis Calmels
Director, Veolia Asia

23,000 m³/day
of treated wastewater

3.5 million m3/day
of cooling water

48,000 cubic m3/day
of demineralised water 

The Challenge

Since 2010, Veolia has been managing the complete water cycle at the site of one of China’s largest chemical manufacturers, Tianjin Soda. As part of a “Design, Build, Own, Operate and Transfer” (DBOOT) contract set to run until 2035, the joint venture created by Veolia and its customer-partner will manage all of the site’s industrial water and wastewater treatment facilities. Veolia has pledged to maintain a uniformly high standard of availability and quality to meet its customer’s expanding needs.


Veolia's Solution

Integrated Management with Lower Treatment Costs 

In just a few years, Veolia has made substantial gains in efficiency at the facilities under its management to keep pace with the exponential growth in production at the chemical complex and help its customers reduce costs in the face of a highly competitive market. By meeting with the customer daily to assess fluctuations in production activity, Veolia can tailor its services to current conditions. This partnership has yielded ongoing service improvements as well as proposals for new solutions, such as the partial reuse of wastewater to reduce the site’s water footprint. Since 2014, 30% of the treated wastewater has been fed into the site’s cooling systems.
The contract provides full-time employment for 94 Veolia employees. Given the size and complexity of the facilities, the site is a model of efficiency within China’s chemical industry.

Benefits for our client

  • Treatment and recycling of industrial water, cooling water and wastewater
  • Smaller environmental footprint
  • Safer facilities

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