Devro: Optimising and treatment of Industrial and municipal wastewater

To meet increasingly stringent regulations, product quality and environmental protection
Veolia helps to optimise operating costs of the wastewater treatment, allowing our client to focus on its core business

0,8M m3/ year

Industrial wastewater

0,8M m3/ year

Municipal wastewater from Jilemnice



The Challenge

Devro underwent business restructuring and setting up a new process management. These challenges, coupled with the need to ensure compliance to environmental regulations, prompted Devro to hand over the operations of the wastewater facility to a specialised partner. Veolia worked with Devro in the following areas:

  • Treatment of its specific wastewater
  • Treatment of municipal wastewater from the town of Jilemnice
  • Retrofitting of its treatment facilities


Veolia's Solution

Innovative Industrial Solutions

  • A new process water treatment equipment, including a final UV disinfection unit, was installed to secure the water supply both in terms of quality and quantity. 
  • Implementation of new sampling methods and control systems, including remote monitoring
  • Upgrading of the primary treatment system (neutralization unit)
  • Upgrading of its process water treatment facility and renewal of its cooperation with Veolia Water, in order to ensure compliance with more stringent legal requirements in Czech food industry.

Benefits for our client

These long-term contracts allow Devro to optimise the operating costs of
wastewater treatment services on the Jilemnice site while focusing on its core business and guaranteeing high standards for both environmental preservation and product quality.

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