Unicer: Cogeneration and Utilities Management

A CHP Gas Turbine to Produce Power and Steam While Reducing Environmental Footprint
5,700 tons of CO2 annually recovered with the cogeneration plant, achieving energy optimisation and reduction in operational cost

23 GWh/year

Power Production

40 GWh/year

Steam Production

12 GWh/year

Hot Water Production

The Challenge

UNICER, one of the divisions of Carlsberg, located in Leca do Ballo, near the city of Porto, is looking to improve the production capacity of the industrial unit, replace and optimise the existing energy equipment. The challenge is to achieve all these goals with financial and environmental benefits through a contract with guaranteed results.


Veolia's Innovative Solutions

O&M of Cogeneration Plant and Utilities Management

Veolia is able to address Unicer's needs with our innovative industrial solutions:

  • Provide our expertise in operating and maintaining the cogeneration plant to optimise energy
  • Industrial utilities management with preventive maintenance and corrective tools to guarantee results leading to cost-saving and reduce environmental footprint with the following solutions:



Different types of water treatment :

  • Process water
  • Dilution water
  • Fabrication water
  • Demineralised water
  • Decalcified water
  • Industrial water
  • General water network


Achieve energy efficiency with :

  • Cogeneration power plant with steam recovery of 3 tons per hour
  • Thermal power plants with reconversion of existing fuel boiler and installation of 3 new boilers
  • Natural gas network with a capacity of 5,000 Nm3/hour
  • Biogas treatment plant & biogas tank with a supply system of the boiler with a capacity of 350 Nm3/ hour
  • Coldwater with ammonia chillers
  • Compressed air
  • Electric (Transforming station and general framework for low voltages)

Benefits for our client

  • Lower overall costs, including maintenance and operating costs
  • 5,700 tons of CO2 annually recovery
  • Qualified management of the site with guaranteed results


Our  Solutions in Energy, Water and Waste



Veolia is uniquely positioned to service industry, government and commercial entities in improving performance, managing water, waste and energy.

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In 2010 Veolia assumed sole responsibility for an array of technical and support services on behalf of the pharmaceutical giant BMS, at its sites throughout Europe.