Kai Tak District Cooling System: District Energy Network

Design-Build-Operate of a District Cooling System for a 320 Hectares Mixed-used Development
Using seawater as heat rejection for higher plant efficiency

Up to 85 million kWh

of energy savings per year

2 District Cooling System plants 

and 1 seawater plant

1.7 million m2

of cooling area

The Challenge

The Kai Tak Development is a large, highly complex project spanning a total planning area of over 320 hectares. This area covers the ex-airport site together with the adjoining hinterland districts of Kowloon City, Wong Tai Sin and Kwun Tong, which comprises of a mixed development of offices, shops, hotels and schools, as well as a new regional cruise terminal.


Veolia's Innovative Solution

Seawater as heat rejection in a District Cooling System

The use of seawater as heat rejection can bring about higher plant efficiency and eliminate the risk of legionnaire disease. With technological innovations, Veolia's design is 10% less expensive than the tender reference design. Coupled with Veolia's best practice in O&M, an estimate of 30% lower life cycle cost can be saved,  which amounts to 85 million kWh of energy savings per year, equivalent to a reduction of 59,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide emission per annum.


Benefits for our client

  • Enhance environmental image
  • Enhance real-estate net space and urban landscape
  • Fast track construction by optimized design
  • Guarantee optimal comfort level and customer satisfaction
  • Ensure compliance with environmental and health & safety standards
  • Provide quality services to increase efficiency in operation and maintenance
  • Ensure the profitability of the system
  • Guarantee safety and continuity of operations

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