L'Oréal: Holistic and Innovative Wastewater Treatment and Recycling

Veolia and L’Oréal have designed a unique solution for treating and recycling wastewater at the Suzhou plant in China, achieving lower water and energy use.
This marks the first time the cosmetics industry has embraced a holistic approach to water management. As a result, we’ve been able to reduce water consumption and generate clean energy at the same time.
Jean-Philippe Filhol
CEO, Asia Industrial, Veolia Water Technologies

8.5% reduction

in energy use

58% reduction

in sludge production

82% reduction

in CO2 emissions from waste transport

The Challenge

L’Oréal enlisted Veolia’s help in developing a more environmentally efficient wastewater treatment facility for the L’Oréal plant in Suzhou, China. The new facility, which has been gradually ramping up operations since November 2012, will ultimately cut the plant’s operating costs due to a 8.5% reduction in energy use.


Veolia's Solution

A First In The Cosmetics Industry

The Veolia-designed solutions at the new treatment plant aim to halve the volume of waste and expand treatment capacity, resulting in smaller water and carbon footprints. Inspired by the success of the Suzhou facility – the first of its kind in the global cosmetics industry – L’Oréal called on Veolia to build an even more efficient wastewater treatment plant for its site in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. With this latest installation, L’Oréal Mexico will reduce the environmental impact of its effluent in an arid region. L’Oréal was honored at the 2013 Global Water Summit for its achievements in water management.

Benefits for our client

  • Lower operating costs
  • Increased production
  • Smaller water and carbon footprints

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