Toledo Refining Company: Treatment and Reuse of Industrial Wastewater

Veolia removes solids and other debris from the water, and the Veolia team manages daily maintenance so that the refinery can focus on its core business
The success of the wastewater treatment plant operation is often attributed to the constant communication between Veolia and the refinery staff." We notify the sewage plant if there are any changes to the refinery, and the staff at the Veolia sewage plant does the same for us. The success of our relationship is a combination of people, experience and communication.
Bryan Zimmerman
Project Manager, Veolia North America

Reuse 50%

of wastewater


dedicated Veolia employees

24/7 support

of water treatment plant

The Challenge

Located near Toledo, Ohio, TRC's Toledo Refinery processes light, sweet North American crude. With a capacity of 170,000 barrels per day, the refinery primarily produces fuels, including gasoline, ultra-low-sulfur diesel and jet fuel, in addition to a variety of high-value petrochemicals.


All refining processes produce solids and oily wastewater that must be treated for discharge or reuse. In the case of the Toledo Refining Company, its wastewater treatment plant is discharged to local and publicly owned treatment works (POTW). The refinery needed a solution to upgrade and optimise its wastewater treatment systems within its budget and schedule constraints and sought a partner in Veolia North America.


Veolia's Solution

Optimal Process Performance

As part of Veolia's process optimisation and improvement solution, Veolia met with the customer at its manufacturing plant to review and evaluate the operations of the water recovery plant. They identified the teams that needed to be added for optimal process performance and implemented a project plan that met the client's goals and budget. The resulting proposal required Veolia to finance, design, build, own, operate, maintain and manage services and improvements to the refinery's water treatment process through a 20-year long-term contract.


Benefits for our client

  • Saved a significant amount of money by reducing the costs of city water treatment
  • Reducing treatment costs by directing less wastewater to the city treatment plant
  • Sustainable solutions reduce demand on local water supplies. 
  • Reduced risks, significant cost savings, and the ability to focus resources on its core oil refining business, rather than treating wastewater.


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Veolia, via its specialised company, ASTERALIS, segregates NORM-contaminated sludge from hazardous sludge in order to assure safe disposal.