Hazardous Chemical Waste Management

The flexibility of our technology and our one-on-one customer approach gives you a level of specialised service that is unsurpassed in the waste industry.


How can we help?

Toxic Industrial Wastes and off-spec products are detrimental to human health and the environment, hence requiring hazardous waste management, treatment, and disposal. 

Veolia can effectively treat difficult-to-manage toxic industrial waste in a sustainable and circular manner with best available technologies delivering the latest global performance, environmental and safety standards.  

How do we create value for you?

Veolia works closely with you to ensure you enjoy peace of mind through our strictly adhered comprehensive waste acceptance criteria and mandatory site procedures including Veolia Always Safe Rules.  

We digitalised the waste acceptance process providing you convenience and transparency with accurate reporting and traceability at your fingertips. Our clients can access our waste tracking system for accurate reporting and traceability of the waste disposal process at their fingertips via Veolia’s proprietary Hazardous Waste Service Management Platform.


Our solutions for hazardous waste management services

Veolia provides comprehensive integrated hazardous waste treatment and management services. We offer 24/7 customer support providing international best practices, technical know-how, and specialist expertise.



Veolia's facility features the latest developments in high-temperature incineration and flue gas treatment technology ensuring the complete removal of all toxic waste materials and outstanding environmental performance in compliance with NEA and the more stringent International Standards for air emissions.

Wastewater Treatment

Whatever processes at your site that generates residual wastewater, Veolia can help. Our wastewater treatment solutions utilise advanced technologies (including advanced treatment, reclamation and recycling processes) and hands-on expertise to ensure efficient, safe and cost-effective quality operations.

Packaged Waste Services

Whether you’re a small company or a multi-site operation with disposing of difficult or hazardous waste, we can provide a service that’s tailored to your exact needs.  Our fleet of specialist vehicles and drivers provide flexible collections of packaged waste. Our Technical Support Team will assess every consignment to ensure each load complies fully with legislation.

With a guaranteed waste management standard, regardless of where sites are located, you can rest assured you’ll comply with all your legal obligations, and that your waste will be disposed of in the safest and most responsible way possible.

Laboratory Waste Services

Every laboratory houses a unique group of chemicals, which is why we provide customised services to suit your needs. We will take inventory of all the hazardous chemicals in your laboratory, and make detailed, methodical identification and categorisation to assure proper packing and disposal of each chemical. Our staff will identify the appropriate packaging and methods to maximise usable volume, decrease costs and enhance safety. Tracking of all your chemical waste is done through our Hazardous Waste Service Management Platform that documents inner containers through every point of transportation and disposal.

Secure Destruction

Our flexible service means you can deliver confidential waste, or we can collect and transport it securely for you – whichever suits you best.  We also provide technical support and comprehensive documentation to ensure you achieve complete data and environmental compliance.

You can also witness the destruction of your sensitive waste in person, or via Veolia’s proprietary Hazardous Waste Service Management Platform, for your added peace of mind.

Stabilisation and Landfill

We offer customisable hazardous waste stabilization and landfill services which are regularly audited to ensure they can provide long-term containment of hazardous and treated non-hazardous wastes. 

Our hazardous waste stabilization and landfill services include:

  • Waste profiling, analysis and treatment design
  • Stabilisation of hazardous residues
  • Disposal to NEA approved offshore storage facility

Veolia is uniquely positioned to service industry, government and commercial entities in improving performance, managing water, waste and energy.
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Veolia, via its specialised company, ASTERALIS, segregates NORM-contaminated sludge from hazardous sludge in order to assure safe disposal.

Compliance with NEA, Environmental, Health & Safety Regulations 

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Treat and Manage Difficult-to-Treat Waste Streams

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