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Optimising performance and reducing operational downtime for the oil and gas sector

Price volatility continues to cause the oil and gas sector several financial challenges. Optimising asset performance, ensuring the security of supply, maintaining health and safety and environmental compliance, while boosting returns continue to be a priority.

Guaranteeing performance, reducing downtime & optimising operations

Veolia’s expertise in energy, waste and water solutions allows us to optimise these processes and maximise savings for the industry. In the Oil and Gas Industry where there are many types of Cooling Systems, Veolia value-adds with our expertise in Cooling Solutions. Veolia is able to optimise chemical consumption and reduce energy and water consumption. In addition to Cooling Systems, Veolia offers Total Water Cycle Management, Hazardous Waste Management, Total Utilities Management with the best asset management practices, optimisation, and inputs from industry experts. This guarantees long-term quality, quantity, availability and maintenance performance.


Recovering value & reducing environmental impact

To avoid treatment and disposal costs, Veolia has put in place waste management solutions to create value and identify alternative uses for waste streams for the Oil and Gas industry. Veolia offers sulphuric acid regeneration, oily residual management and Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) regeneration for oil refineries.


Maintaining safe operations

Veolia employees lead safety together, making safe behaviours and work practices a core value of everything we do. Each employee is committed to Goal Zero, our organisation-wide commitment to strive for zero work-related injuries or illnesses. We strive to have the lowest incidence rates and propel ourselves to be the leader in Health & Safety in our industry by working closely with our customers to add value and commit to their safety protocol.


Veolia is uniquely positioned to service industry, government and commercial entities in improving performance, managing water, waste and energy.

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Our Oil & Gas Case Studies

Implementing a comprehensive energy efficiency strategy is key to optimising consumption and reducing emissions. Find out how you can save energy and costs.
Veolia, via its specialised company, ASTERALIS, segregates NORM-contaminated sludge from hazardous sludge in order to assure safe disposal.
Veolia has developed a unique process for recycling water generated during the gas-to-liquid transition so it can be fully reused on site.

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