Increasing operational efficiency and reducing environmental footprint for the chemical sector

The chemical and petrochemical industries are facing many challenges that directly impact operations such as regulatory changes, waste/wastewater management and fluctuating demand. Creating value from waste, water cycle management and energy optimisation help to increase operational efficiency, reduce downtime and minimise the industry’s environmental footprint.

Managing efficient and sustainable operations

Our water, waste and energy solutions are innovative, technology-driven, and address environmental management holistically. Veolia works to not only improve efficiency but also strive towards a more circular industrial economy. We see the challenges in the chemical industry as an opportunity to improve processes to make them more efficient and sustainable.


Recovering value & reducing environmental impact

In the face of water scarcity challenges and social pressures for responsible environmental management, the chemical industry requires a partner with experience in effectively managing water and wastewater. Veolia has the expertise to deal with difficult-to-treat wastewater generated from the Chemical Industry. We do so by designing and building an On-site Wastewater Treatment Plant for our clients and/or deal with it off-site at our dedicated Hazardous Waste Treatment Facility. It’s not only imperative for sustainable business operations, but it also creates a competitive advantage for those organisations who do it more efficiently, with less environmental impact.


Focusing on safety

Veolia’s safety culture is rooted in the philosophy that we are all obligated to protect one another. Each employee is committed to Goal Zero and Always Safes rules, our organisation-wide commitment to strive for zero work-related injuries or illnesses. We understand that when our team members remain safe and are out of harm’s way, so do your employees and your facilities.


Veolia is uniquely positioned to service industry, government and commercial entities in improving performance, managing water, waste and energy.

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Our Chemicals Case Studies

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Veolia, via its specialised company, ASTERALIS, segregates NORM-contaminated sludge from hazardous sludge in order to assure safe disposal.
Veolia has installed treatment technology capable of recycling 30% of the wastewater at this chemical complex so it can be used as cooling water.

Our Chemicals Solutions