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Optimising performance and providing competitive Water Management solutions for the electronics and semiconductor industry

The electronics and semiconductors industry face changing market dynamics which can lead to high volatility. Optimising waste, energy and water activities is paramount to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Driving sustainable business operations

Having effective reuse, recycling and disposal programs can have a significant impact on both environmental and financial goals. Optimising water, energy and waste is important for the electronics and semiconductors industry to maximise revenue, reduce water and raw material consumption as well as guarantee proper health and safety measures. Veolia is able to offer water management solutions, hazardous waste management and energy optimisation solutions. 


Competitive and Innovative Water Management solutions

As an industry expert in Total Water Cycle Management, Veolia is able to provide innovative and holistic water and wastewater management solutions for the electronics and semiconductors industry. Water processes make up a big proportion of the electronics and semiconductors operations, Veolia can offer an integrated Total Water Cycle Management: From abstraction, desalination and production of process water to treatment and recycling of industrial process water, ultra-pure water, wastewater and seawater. In addition, Veolia is able to value-add by optimising all these processes with our expertise, enabling savings to be maximised. 



Veolia is uniquely positioned to service industry, government and commercial entities in improving performance, managing water, waste and energy.

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Our Electronics and Semiconductors Case Studies

Veolia provides operation and maintenance with green energy solutions for the microelectronics industry.
Veolia provides ultra-pure water, reclaim water and wastewater management with energy savings
South Korea
Veolia provides SK Hynix with ultra-pure water of consistent quality – a critical component for manufacturing the company’s high-tech products.

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